The English, Spanish, Danish, Polish, Dutch, Swedish and German editions of the Metal Bible can now be ordered! So here you got your chance to get the coolest Bible edition there is! This is also a perfect gift for your friends. Bands can also give them away at gigs etc.

I think any Metalhead will enjoy the Metal Bible, it's really one of a kind and Metal to the bone, just as it should be.
Orders from all other countries please use the order form

All payments are done with Paypal. You can get free acccount here. Postage for 1-50 copies can be seen in the table below. (Since the metal bible is heavy and postage rates are very high, the prices are thereafter.)

If you any questions/comments about ordering feel free to mail

1-2 metal bibles cost $10 (€8) each
3-49 metal bibles cost $6 (€5) each
50 metal bibles or more cost $4 (€3) each

1 metal bible cost €9 (Europe) and $15 (worldwide)
2-3 metal bibles cost €17 (Europe) and $30 (worldwide)
4-6 metal bibles cost €27 (Europe) and $47 (worldwide)
7-10 metal bibles cost €37 (Europe) and $68 (worldwide)
11-17 metal bibles €36 (Europe within EU), €30 (Europe outside EU)
and $64 (worldwide)
18-50 metal bibles €48 (Europe within EU), €39 (Europe outside EU)
and $96 (worldwide)

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